Functional nutrition testing is a tool used by functional medicine practitioners like me to investigate the root cause of your symptoms.  Instead of using medications to mask your symptoms, we look deeper for imbalances in how your body is functioning so we can work to restore the normal function.  

Functional tests may use blood, stool, saliva, or urine to identify body systems in need of support and then we use a combination of nutrition, targeted supplements, and lifestyle changes to correct the imbalances.

Want to know whether… 

your digestion
is working

you have a healthy microbiome full of strains of disease-fighting good bacteria?

you have
in your gut?

you likely have food sensitivities or Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

you are
your nutrients

you have vitamin
and mineral

Then Functional Nutrition Testing can help!

It can also help us discover why you feel…

  • tired when you wake up
  • you need caffeine to get through an energy slump in the afternoon
  • overwhelmed with daily tasks you used to knock out easily
  • irritable and edgy for no apparent reason
  • like you have foggy thinking and difficulty with memory. 

Whether your symptoms are related to digestion, hormone imbalance, weight concerns, adrenal fatigue, or you are curious about your vitamin and mineral levels, Functional nutrition testing can help us identify the imbalances and restore optimal function.  

Want to explore testing further? 

I’m here to help you decide if testing would be helpful for you and, if so, what kind of testing to do!  

Pricing varies depending upon test selection

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