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Wondering about Functional Nutrition or Functional Medicine?
Or maybe you’d like some ideas to add in more greens,
build a better smoothie,
or incorporate superfoods into your routine?
Or would you like to know how to stay hydrated?

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Introduction to Functional Nutrition

Learn more about finding the right way to eat for each of us – based on our genetics, dietary preferences, health concerns and lifestyle to maximize our health

Introduction to functional nutrition

What is Functional Medicine?

Learn how we can shift the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach by addressing the whole person,
not just an isolated set of symptoms.

What is functional medicine article

Easy Ways to Eat more Greens

Put this checklist on your fridge to get inspiration for adding more leafy greens to your meals.

Easy Ways to Eat more Greens

Build a Better Smoothie

Use these basic guidelines to build an amazing nutrient-filled smoothie!

Build a Better Smoothie Recipe

Tasty Superfood Salad Recipes

Try these three summer recipes to provide your body with an extra-large serving of health-promoting nutrients per bite.

Tasty Superfood Salad Recipes

Tasty Superfood Salad Recipes

5 Surprising Signs You May be Dehydrated

Are you drinking enough? Dehydration signs may not be obvious but mild to moderate dehydration can be the root cause of some very common complaints.
Learn more here.

5 Surprising Signs You May Be Dehydrated

Top 5 Foods for a Strong Immune System

Keep yourself healthy by consuming these 5 foods on a regular basis. Your immune system will thank you!

Top 5 Foods for a Strong Immune System

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