easy ways to eat more greens with checklist

Why is eating greens so important?

Eating greens, such as leafy vegetables, is vital for numerous health benefits. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals like A, C, K, folate, calcium, iron, and potassium, which support immune function, bone health, and energy production. Greens also provide dietary fiber for digestion, gut health, and weight management. Their antioxidants, like beta-carotene and lutein, help protect cells from free radical damage, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. With low calories and anti-inflammatory properties, greens promote heart health, healthy skin, and aid in detoxification. Moreover, their nutrients, like lutein and zeaxanthin, contribute to eye health, while bolstering the immune system to fight off infections and illnesses. Including a variety of greens in a balanced diet is crucial for overall well-being.

Easy ways to incorporate greens

  • Add fresh or frozen greens such as spinach or kale to your morning smoothie. You can hardly taste it but you will enjoy increased energy throughout the day.
  • Add to eggs. Make egg cups, an omelet or scrambled eggs and load in the greens to give your brain and immune system a boost.
  • Add herbs to everything. Try parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, thyme, lemongrass or rosemary to add both flavor and micronutrients.
  • Make a bowl. Add raw arugula to the bottom of a bowl and add cooked rice and beans and/or meat to the top. Or, lightly saute greens in olive oil or avocado oil and then add your other ingredients. I love to make variations such as “Mexican bowls” or “Italian bowls.” Get creative and watch your belly be bloat-free and happy afterwards!
  • Add to soups such as minestrone, lentil or vegetable. You can either add it to the soup and let it cook down or add it to the top of your bowl with any other toppings you desire.

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easy ways to eat more greens
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