Wonder if Genetic Testing is for You?

There are plenty of one-size-fits-all, quick-fix approaches to managing your health and diet. However, the missing component in all of these methods involves considering the individual.  One of the ways we can positively impact your health and influence how your genes are expressed is by looking at the interaction between your diet, your lifestyle and your genes. 

This interaction can be broken up into two fields of study, namely nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. Nutrigenetics looks at how we respond to nutrients based on our genetic profile. Nutrigenomics explores how foods and nutrients change the way our genes express themselves. Working with both Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics allows us to develop a plan for personalized, targeted and appropriate dietary recommendations. Your daily choices and a personalized nutrition approach is an effective and sustainable way to reduce your risk of disease and optimize your health.

Curious about…

  • what your genes may say about your personal risk for certain diseases
  • steps you should take to alter the expression of your problem genes
  • which specific supplements would support your genetic weaknesses
  • the foods that would prevent the onset or worsening of your disease risks
  • how to improve your lifestyle based on your genes?

Then Nutrigenomics testing may be for you!

Want to explore testing further? 

I’m here to help you decide whether genetic testing is a good solution for you.

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