Nutrition Programs by Nutritionist Dietitian Coach Pam Mathis

Get a completely customized nutrition planning experience with

meal plans with That Clean Life and nutritional guidance from Pam Mathis

–  along with coaching from me –
to help you feel seen, heard, and cared for

That Clean Life

+ nutrition coaching from me

 = a healthy and happy you!

Whether you are…

a busy gal

who just wants to put a healthy (and yummy!) meal on the table…

a chef wanna-be

who loves to experiment in the kitchen but doesn’t have all day to cook…

seeking the easy button

desiring a specific nutrition plan like vegetarian, gluten-free, low carb, diabetic, keto, paleo, dairy-free or more

One-size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition.

That’s where That Clean Life shines!

With your That Clean Life App we’ll …

Jumpstart your goals with comprehensive meal plans, recipes, or a collection.

Get the right nutrition guidance for you in the right way.

Access vibrant recipes that are professionally tested to get you excited to cook and eat!

Enjoy the ease of use with beautiful and complete prep guides, smart grocery lists and nutrition analysis.

Easily find what you need like the right recipe in seconds with over 100 ways to filter recipes.

And receive nutrition coaching from me so you can:

Zone in on your health goals faster & easier.

Expand your food choices in a delicious way.

Gain culinary tips to help you ENJOY your new meals.

Receive tech support so you can maximize the app features.

Feel supported as you take your health to the next level.

Without custom meal plans and support, it can be challenging, if not impossible to reach your goals.

 Spend less time thinking about food. 

Know exactly what to eat, what to buy,  and how to make it.

That Clean Life App is available
for my Personalized Coaching clients.

DIY Programs coming soon.

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Not finding what you are looking for?

Work with me privately

together we’ll create a personalized, sustainable solution just for you
(I also offer an option for couples).

Join a Group Program

an affordable yet supportive way to jumpstart your health in a group setting

Create your personal supplement plan

get a customized supplement program just for you & receive discounted professional quality supplements.

Get food sensitivity testing

learn your food and food-chemical sensitivities that can result in chronic pain, inflammation, GERD, IBS, leaky gut, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and migraines