healthy holiday party plan by Pam Mathis Nutrition Coach Sarasota Lakewood Ranch

It’s the holiday season and it’s filled with parties, gifts and FOOD.

AND, I know none of us (including me!) want to wake up January 1 feeling heavy, bloated and unhappy with ourselves because we overdid it in the eating department.

Am I right?

That’s why I want to give you a Healthy Holiday Party Plan so you can enjoy your holiday while ALSO being kind to your body!

Try these strategies at your parties and events throughout the month and I promise you will feel better when the holidays are over.

#1 -Don’t go hungry.

Eat a healthy snack before you go to any event so you won’t be ravenous and gobble up the first thing you see.

Good pre-event snack options are an apple with peanut butter, cucumber and hummus or a handful of nuts.

#2 – Set a goal for your alcohol consumption.

Knowing your intentions for the event can help you be mindful and avoid extra calories (both in the drink itself and from the munchies after you’ve had a few!).

Try to alternate a non-alcoholic drink in between each alcoholic drink or double fist it and drink 2 sips of water for every sip of alcohol.

#3 – Go for the veggie tray and shrimp cocktail.

Or really go for anything that is more veggie-heavy than cheese-friendly! This could be something like stuffed mushrooms.

Skip or minimize the chips and dip and cocktail weenies and meatballs!

#4 – Focus on people vs. food.

Find a conversational area that is away from the food so you won’t be tempted to keep eating. Distract yourself with engaging conversation instead of mindlessly munching. (Maybe you’ll see someone you haven’t seen in a long time and reconnect with them!).

Introvert tip: Look at the decorations and compliment the host or even ask for a house tour!

#5 – If you are going to indulge – allow your 1 favorite indulgence.

Choose your treat and eat it mindfully – savoring each bite without guilt! (Note that this doesn’t mean gorging on it!).

I encourage you to keep this plan handy – maybe print it out and put it on your fridge – so that you can refer to it throughout the month.

And remember to HAVE FUN as you also take care of yourself this month.

Pam Mathis Nutritionist Nutrition Coach Sarasota Lakewood Ranch Florida

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